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Nov 9, 2016
by James

Automated Interview Scheduling – A Low Cost Way to Save Hours of Time

Posted in Interview Process Excellence

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Tired of wasting time playing email and phone tag with candidates when trying to a schedule phone interview?

Automated  interview scheduling tools make it easy to save hours of time without breaking the bank.

While some applicant tracking systems have begun to build this technology into their platforms, you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to acquire the functionality.


With tools such as Calendly and TimeTrade (which I use), you can automate your interview scheduling process for less than $10 per month.


How To Automate Your Interview Scheduling


Scheduling automation software is pretty easy to set up.   With just a few clicks, you connect your calendar to the application.   Once your calendars sync, you can select times that you want to make available for interviews.


HireBar - Interview Schedule Calendar


Once you configure your calendar, the application will give you a unique link or URL.   You simply copy this link and send it to your candidate.   The candidate clicks on the link, views your available times, picks one and you both get a confirmation email.

It’s that easy!


HireBar - Interview Schedule Confirmation


And with some powerful branding features, you can make sure that your employment brand and personality come shining through on your personal scheduling page!


HireBar - Interview Scheduling Tool


I tell recruiting teams all the time — if you’re not using a self-scheduling tool like TimeTrade or Calendly, you’re spending 2-3 hours per week doing unnecessary administrative work.


Spend the $10 per month and do something productive with your extra time!


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