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Jul 31, 2014
by James

Best Interview Questions To Ask A Candidate – Guaranteed

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Job Interview QuestionsThe best interview questions to ask a candidate will vary depending on the job you’re recruiting for.   That said, in this article, we are offering you a full “money back guarantee” list of questions below that will help you select top talent no matter what industry you’re in.

If these questions don’t work, we’ll refund every penny that you spent on the purchase of this blog post.

LEADERSHIP:   Tell me about the most memorable leadership moment that you believe helped define your leadership style.   Follow-Up:   Tell me more about your leadership style and give me a recent example of how you put it in practice in your current role.

CULTURE FIT:   Tell me about a job or a team where you didn’t feel as though you were a good match for the company or team culture.   What was that culture like and why didn’t you fit in?

RESILIENCE:   Tell me about a time in your career when you felt out of your depth — even if just for a moment.   Tell me about that situation and how you responded.

ADVERSITY:  Tell me about the most difficult situation you’ve ever had to deal with at work.  What was the situation, how did you react and what was the end result?

IMPACT:   Tell me about the greatest work achievement you’ve had up until this point in your career that has had the biggest impact on the company you were working for.

VISION:    Tell me about a trend that you saw coming before everyone around you.  What was it and how did you leverage your vision to benefit your company?

INNOVATION:   Tell me about the most innovative solution that you’ve developed.   What was the problem, what did you innovate and what was the result?

LEARNING AGILITY:  Tell me about a time when you were literally thrown into a situation where you had no experience and you had to quickly adapt and perform.  What was the situation, why was it so new and what was the result?

So there you have it.   Questions so good, we put our money and reputation on the line with a full money back guarantee.

Fine Print:   All we need to process the refund is the original receipt for the purchase of this blog post 🙂

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