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There are a wide variety of interviewing types. The method of interviewing that a company uses to assess talent often depends on their resources, the types of positions they hire for and the amount of time they have to make a decision. This category is a collection of the most common interviewing methods used by companies around the world.

Nov 28, 2014
by James

The Google Hiring Philosophy

Posted in Types of Interviews

Google is notorious for it’s hiring practices.    I can’t think of any other company on the planet that gets more press related to their hiring process than Google.   What a great employment brand strategy, huh?    Don’t believe me?  Just watch the movie The Internship.   Yes, it’s a Hollywood flick designed to make money, but that movie was a 119 minute commercial for working at Google.   Absolutely brilliant.

You can often find Google’s head of People Operations (HR) Laszlo Bock talking about their recruiting engine and the Google hiring philosophy which is famous for being harder to crack than getting into Harvard.    In this short video below, you can hear directly from Laszlo about the importance of using Behavioral Interview questions, a practice that we fully support here at HireBar.

Gone are the days of asking silly brain benders, Google is more interested in how you behaved in the past.   Specifically, how did you take the lead on doing something when no one asked you to do so?

While behavioral-based interviews aren’t perfect, when done correctly, they are a great way to assess talent.

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