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Jan 25, 2017
by James

Hire For Attitude – Looking Beyond The Resume – Ted Talk

Posted in Advanced Interviewing Techniques

Hire For Attitude - Ted Talk

Everyone has heard the old saying “Hire For Attitude – Train For Skill” but very few people put it into practice. Hiring Managers and Recruiters alike are often mesmerized by flashy candidates with a great smile and a great resume. Regina Harley calls these job candidates “Silver Spoon” applicants.

Given the choice between a job candidate with a perfect resume and one who has fought through difficulty, she says give the “Scrapper” a chance. As someone who grew up with adversity, Hartley knows that those who flourish in the darkest of spaces are empowered with the grit to persist in an ever-changing workplace.

“Choose the underestimated contender, whose secret weapons are passion and purpose,” she says. “Hire the Scrapper.”

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