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May 15, 2016
by James

Improve Your Hiring Decision Process with a Post-Interview Debrief

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At your company, does your hiring decision process include a post-interview candidate debrief meeting?


OR…do your interview teams do one of the following…

–   They send their feedback to each other via email. (No formal discussion)

–   They click a “green thumbs up” or “red thumbs down” button in your hiring system.

–   In passing, they give each other a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” gesture.

–   They duck into each other’s offices for a series of private  “side conversations”.

–   They use a tool like Slack, IM or SMS to “discuss” their feedback.


If you do this, you’re not alone.  This is how most organizations make  hiring decisions.  The problem with these strategies is that they lack a structured, disciplined approach to decision making.


And they contribute to “interviewer bias”.


And it’s kind of lazy…


It’s also disrespectful to a candidate who probably took a day off  of work, prepared a resume, studied for the interview, put on an uncomfortable suit, endured your 7 person interview team and told you their life story —- only to have your interview team decide their fate without taking the time to have a group discussion.



Think about it…when was the last time you made a $50,000 investment in a software product or a marketing campaign and didn’t have several weeks of meetings to make the decision?   And yet, every day, at most companies around the world, people are making decisions to invest $50k, $100k, $150k+ in a new hire, without so much as a 15 minute meeting to make sure everyone agrees!


Look…if you’re not having a formal, robust, post-interview candidate debrief meeting…I think you’re doing yourself, your company and your candidate’s a disservice.


And even if you are holding one, do you have a formal process?  Do you have ground rules to ensure that everyone knows how to act?  Who should talk first?  Who should lead?  And who owns the follow-up deliverables?


Having ground rules for your hiring decision process ensures that…


–  Everyone knows what information they need to bring to the table.

–  The call or meeting takes place in an organized fashion.

–  Everyone’s feedback is heard.

–  Everyone discusses job-related observations…not gut feelings.

–  You add a layer of compliance to your selection process.

–  You leave the meeting with a decision and a path forward.


We call this meeting a “Post-Interview Debrief” or, for those who don’t like to use full sentences at work, a “PID”.

Since this might represent a process change at your company, we’ve developed a set of “ground rules” to help you introduce and run a more effective PID meeting.

You can download this document for free below:

Post Interview Debrief Meetings By HireBar

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