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Apr 15, 2016
by James

How To Hire Superstar Employees for Your Hair Salon

Posted in Hiring For Small Business

The HireBar Blueprint for Salon Hiring

When Dianna Clemons opened her small hair salon 5 years ago, she didn’t have a plan for how she would hire her first employees.   So, like most small business owners, she relied on people she knew to find her first couple hires.   But as her initial staff turned over a year later and her network ran dry, she was forced to begin hiring people she didn’t know.   And she didn’t have a good process for how to hire those people!


That’s when the problems began.

Over the next 4 years, Dianna found herself spending less & less time focused on growing her business and more & more time micromanaging her employees.
During this time, she went through countless Salon Assistants who would show up late, text message all day and give her an attitude whenever she confronted them.
She had a revolving door of Hair Stylists who lacked basic technique, couldn’t upsell product, gave dreadful customer service and wouldn’t clean their own stations — let alone the common areas used by the entire staff.
Frustrated and stressed out by employees who didn’t seem to care, Dianna slowly started to notice her customer base declining.   It didn’t take long before she started losing sleep, worrying that she would lose her business.
That’s when she decided to take her salon back!   And build a recruiting process that resulted in hiring superstars!


When Dianna came to HireBar for help, she wanted a simple plan that she could put into place immediately.   In order for her to do all of the things required to run a busy salon, she needed an easy, step-by-step blueprint.

So, we introduced her to the HireBar Blueprint.   A simple, systematic way for hiring great employees.

Download a free copy of the Blueprint checklist at this link!

Here is a quick overview of the blueprint in action:


The first step for Dianna was to decide on the characteristics that she wanted to hire for.    Since her salon is in a conservative part of the country and in a city made up of middle income families, she decided to focus on employees who shared the same values:

Humble, Hard Working, Responsible, Approachable, Relationship -builders, etc.

Prior to this exercise, she was trying to hire modern, cutting edge stylists who normally worked at high-end salons.   Her clientele didn’t match that demographic.   This explained why she had such a high turnover rate of both employees AND clients.


The second step of the process was for Dianna to turn on her Recruitment Marketing Blueprint.   This is another step-by-step process that helped her attract the right type of candidates for her job openings.    Most of the tactics made use of free or low-cost advertising options.
Using channels like Facebook, Instagram and in-store marketing are great, low cost ways to build your employment brand.



The final step of the process was to begin using the Interview Blueprint templates to conduct a thorough interview.   We provided online interview skills training to Dianna and gave her the exact interview forms to help her ask the most important interview questions for each position.

This part of the process was most helpful for Dianna who had never had any interview training before.   She found that she wasn’t asking the right questions and her process wasn’t nearly thorough enough!


Within 3 months of implementing The HireBar Blueprint, Dianna had hired 2 Hair Stylists and 1 Assistant who were dramatically better than anyone she had previously hired.
Dianna went from hating work and thoughts of shutting down her salon, to being excited about her new staff of hair professionals who were generating sales that rivaled her best years ever!
She trusted her new employees so much that she even took her first vacation in 3 years!


To learn more about the HireBar Blueprint for Small Businesses and how it can help you hire superstar employees, click here and we’ll send you a FREE checklist that you can use to improve your hiring process!

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