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Jul 29, 2016
by James

How To Stop Hiring Discrimination

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HireBar - Final Actor

Have you ever noticed that commercials about tech products seem to feature the same bearded hipster-guy?


Well, it’s not your imagination.    It really is the same guy.   Here’s proof…


HireBar - Navdy Commercial

Coin App:

HireBar - Coin Commercial


What caught my eye about this story is that marketers have the “typical tech buyer” so well-defined that only one person seems to fit the mold.    They’ve burned into our minds that a tech savvy person must be a white male, aged 20-something, wear casual clothes and sport a beard.

This reminds me of how hiring managers have the profile of their ideal candidate so dialed in that they won’t give anyone who doesn’t fit the profile a chance.

They say…

My ideal candidate MUST come from a top tier school.   They MUST have experience in our industry.   They MUST have this, they MUST have that…

These are all forms of interviewer bias and they cloud the judgement of hiring teams every single day.

When you enter the hiring process with a closed mind, you fail to see all the super talented people who don’t fit the mold, but could BREAK the mold in new and different ways.

This is how you get diversity.

When you don’t have an open mind, your enter the world of hiring discrimination and it can get your company in a lot of hot water if it happens frequently to protected classes.

To see a list of some typical biases and learn how to overcome them, read our other post on this topic and download a free one-pager that you can share with your hiring teams by clicking on the image below:

Interviewer Bias Halo Effect HireBar