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Dec 14, 2016
by James

Interview Expense Reimbursement Policy

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Having an interview expense reimbursement policy is a great idea if you want to improve your candidate experience.

While offering to pay for candidate travel is nothing new, it’s important to provide your job applicants with clear guidelines around what is, and is not, eligible for reimbursement.

Having a clear policy will also help you control and monitor your interview-related travel expenses.

Below are some candidate travel policies from some large organizations.   As you can imagine, policies will vary widely from organization to organization.

Examples of Interview Expense Reimbursement Policies

The following are some examples of interview expense reimbursement policies.





Candidate Travel Expense Categories

As you’ll note in each of the examples provided above, the type of interview expenses that are allowed should be clearly pointed out.

Some of the most popular sections of a policy include:

  • Receipts For Interview Expenses
  • Candidate Transportation Expenses – airfare, rental cars, parking, tolls, cabs, Ubers, Lifts, etc
  • Candidate Hotel Expenses – preferred hotels, company housing, etc.
  • Candidate Meals – breakfast, lunch & dinner maximums, alcohol, etc.
  • Family Travel Expenses – childcare, spousal expenses, pets, etc.

It’s also very common to point out a list of expenses that will not be reimbursed such as in-room movies at the hotel, short term gym memberships, upgraded airline seats, entertainment, fines, speeding tickets and more!

You will be surprised at what candidates will request to be reimbursed for if you don’t clearly spell out your policy!