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Apr 29, 2016
by James

Interview Guides For Hiring Managers

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Interview guides are a great way to improve your hiring process. They provide hiring managers and the entire interview team with a consistent format for assessing talent. And, if you use them correctly, they can help you reduce your chances of asking an inappropriate question to your job candidates during an interview. Let’s look at some of the components of a great interview guide.





The structure of an interview guide can vary from company to company. At HireBar, we take a minimalist approach to our design so that interviewers can focus on the job applicant and taking good notes. Below you’ll see an image of our format.
In general, a good interview guide should have…
– Some instructions for the interviewers so they know how to use the guide.
– A place to add details of the interviewer, the candidate, the job and the date.
– A candidate rating system
– Space to write notes
– A blank page for managers to add their own questions if they want (which they will)
– A candidate evaluation form


Interview Guide for Hiring Managers - HireBar



A candidate rating system helps interviewers determine how they should score the responses that a job applicant gives to each question. Now, this isn’t a perfect system because interviewers can still have a different opinion about what is a “3” rating versus a “5” rating, but it’s much better than what most companies are doing…which is nothing! Below is an example of the HireBar rating system.
Interview Guide Header 


During an interview, you should be taking notes. Shorthand notes are okay. Your notes should help inform the ratings that you give. At the end of the interview, after the candidate has left, you should sit down and summarize your notes and ratings on a candidate evaluation form. This document helps you explain to your interview team your data-driven opinions about the candidate. If each interviewer completes one, your hiring discussions will be more robust and you’ll end up making bettering hiring choices.
Candidate Evaluation Form Sm - HireBar 

Using Interview Guides To Make Better Hiring Decisions

The main benefit of using interview guides in your hiring process is that you are adding a layer of consistency to your process which can often lead to making better hiring decisions. To fully integrate interview guides into the end of your decision making process, be sure to reference our “Post-Interview Debrief” practice via this free handout.
Post Interview Debrief Meetings By HireBar
And, as always, if you want to take your interview guides to the next level please reach out to HireBar for a free demo of our interview guide builder.

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